Q. Who are you guys?

We’re the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. You can learn more about us and what we’re into at dci.mit.edu

Q. Why is this topic important?

Although cryptocurrency is still in its infancy, some experts believe that it may have societal implications comparable to the Internet. If blockchain technology has even 10% of the Internet’s impact, we should take great care in developing it. Unlike other fields of tech ethics (AI ethics, biotech ethics), the philosophical implications of cryptocurrency are not yet defined.

Q. Why isn't 'x' cryptocurrency represented in the Banksy bouquet?

The cryptocurrency-related logos in the bouquet are not meant to be representative of anything other than random symbols that come to up when one does a quick online image search for 'cryptocurrency'.

Q. I'm an MIT student. How can I take this course?

You can sign up for this course under the Media Lab’s course offerings. Look for MAS.S67 - Special Subject in Media Technology

Q. I'm not an MIT student. Will the course be offered online?

Fall 2019 will be the first time this course exists, so we’ll be posting readings and videos of the class as we go. Everything will be made available on www.blockchainethics.co .

Q. I'm an instructor. Can I teach this course at my institution or use your materials in my classroom?

Most definitely! This is an initiative that requires a rich community of thought. We ask that you only adhere the following requests: Please acknowledge our efforts in your course materials. Mention our course and what you have drawn from it. Provide a link to our webpage (or blockchainethics.co if you prefer the sanitized version of the url). If you reproduce portions of our text, indicate the source. Basically, we just ask that you follow appropriate norms of academic attribution. We would love to hear from you about how you are using these materials. Among other things, this helps us justify the time and effort that we are putting into the project. Any comments about what you find works well and what does not would also be most welcome.